What does PRO have for my clients?

Look past the surface of every investment opportunity and provide clients with data they deserve.

Gone are the days of simply studying the financial data to recommend investment opportunities or a selection of securities.  As clients become increasingly aware of the impact of values-based ESG factors, they are creating a new demand for true portfolio insight.  Now you have the data they want.

Help bring together investments and values to meet this new demand. 

Custom Screening Settings

Positive and Negative Screens

Identify and research both positive and negative issues for stocks, mutual funds and ETFs.

Prebuilt and Custom Values Profiles

Use pre-set values screens or create unique custom profiles to create precision values alignment for your clients.

Custom Screen Parameters

Complete control over what values categories are seen as positive, negative or neutral.

Save client specific values profiles

Keep unique values settings saved for clients for future use.

Comparison Module

Create and Save Portfolios

Build unique portfolios and save them for tracking over time and comparing to alternative portfolios.

Side-By-Side Portfolio Comparisons

Create compelling proposals that compare the ESG scores, values-alignment scores and individual issues of two portfolios in a side-by-side view.

Weighted Portfolio Level Scores

Factor in each stock, ETF or mutual funds weighted impact on a total portfolio’s alignment with values.


25,000+ Stocks, Mutual Funds and ETFs

A growing universe of available investment types to screen and build portfolios from.

Easy ticker-based search

Type in a ticker symbol or name and hit enter to dig into any investment type.

Multi-Factor Advanced Search

Narrow your search for specific investments that you’re looking to add to a portfolio.  Search by score, asset class, market cap and more.

Complete Fund Holdings

Find out every holding within a fund for complete transparency.  No more black box investing.

Comprehensive ESG Analysis

Research and analyze several dozen categories of environmental, social, corporate governance and faith-based screens to build quality portfolios that are precision aligned with client values.

Unique Faith Based ESG Data

Access robust faith-based screening data, including Inspire Impact Scores for thousands of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, to pinpoint investments that most closely align with faith-based investor values.

Report Builder

Show/hide Relevant Data Per Client

Generate reports that apply to your clients.  Hide categories that they’re not interested in screening and show the categories they care about the most. 

Weighted Portfolio Level Scores

Find out the weighted impact of any investment in your overall portfolio’s score as it relates to your values.

Inspire Impact Score Calculation

Inspire’s proprietary Impact Score Methodology generates a score to show how closely an investment aligns with biblical values.

Performance Charts & Statistics

Full insight into the performance of any holding with up to 5 years of history.